shock horror!

shock horror!
Exclam. That's not surprising. An ironic exclamation.

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • shock horror — 1) ADJ: ADJ n A shock horror story is presented in a way that is intended to cause great shock or anger. [INFORMAL] The media is full of shock horror headlines about under age crime. Syn: sensational 2) EXCLAM (feelings) You can say shock horror! …   English dictionary

  • shock-horror — /ˈʃɒk hɒrə/ (say shok horuh) adjective 1. producing or warranting the production of a reaction of dismay and horror: shock horror reports. 2. displaying dismay and horror: a shock horror reaction to the news. –noun 3. terror; fear …  

  • shock horror — UK / US interjection British humorous used for saying that you do not think something is shocking at all …   English dictionary

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