Adj. Disgusting. Orig. U.S.?

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • squicky — adjective /ˈskwɪk.i/ Engendering a feeling of disgust, distaste, nausea or revulsion. She offered to show me the injury but I find blood rather squicky. See Also: squick …   Wiktionary

  • squickiness — noun The property of being squicky …   Wiktionary

  • squick — 1. noun /skwɪk/ A source of psychological discomfort. One mans turn on is anothers squick. But, if she chickened out now, the whole plan would fall apart. 2. verb /skwɪk/ a) To gross out, to disgust. Queer men, on the other hand …   Wiktionary

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