nod off

nod off
Verb. To fall asleep.

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • nod off — verb change from a waking to a sleeping state he always falls asleep during lectures • Syn: ↑fall asleep, ↑dope off, ↑flake out, ↑drift off, ↑drop off, ↑doze off, ↑drowse off …   Useful english dictionary

  • nod off — phrasal verb [intransitive] Word forms nod off : present tense I/you/we/they nod off he/she/it nods off present participle nodding off past tense nodded off past participle nodded off informal to go to sleep, especially when you do not intend to …   English dictionary

  • nod off — PHRASAL VERB If you nod off, you fall asleep, especially when you had not intended to. [INFORMAL] [V P] The judge appeared to nod off yesterday while a witness was being cross examined... [V P to n] He was nodding off to sleep in an armchair. Syn …   English dictionary

  • nod off — give me a pillow and I ll nod off right this second Syn: fall asleep, go to sleep, doze off, drop off; informal drift off, go out like a light, sack out, drift into the arms of Morpheus …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • nod off — informal fall asleep. → nod …   English new terms dictionary

  • nod off — verb To fall asleep, especially while in a seated position or in inappropriate circumstances. The old lady nodded off to sleep many times during the narration, only waking up when George paused, saying it was most interesting …   Wiktionary

  • nod off — v. (Slang) fall asleep; dropping the head forward while dozing off …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nod off — to go to sleep, esp. when not in bed or intending to sleep. I nodded off once or twice during the movie …   New idioms dictionary

  • nod off — intransitive verb Date: 1914 to fall asleep …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ˌnod ˈoff — phrasal verb informal to go to sleep when you do not intend to …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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