piffy on a rock bun

piffy on a rock bun
Phrs. Heard in phrases expressing upset that one has been ignored or left out of an activity. Often heard shortened to "like piffy on a rock", and also just "like piffy". Etymology unknown. E.g."She forgot to tell me the meal had been cancelled, and left me standing in the rain like piffy."North-west use

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • Piffy on a rock bun — is slang phrase common in North West England, often heard on Coronation Street (sometimes shortened to just Like Piffy ).To be left Like Piffy On a Rock Bun means to be ignored or sidelined from an activity, the Northern equivalent of the… …   Wikipedia

  • piffy on a rock bun — noun A person ignored or sidelined from an activity I hate your works parties; you always talk shop with your mates and leave me sat like piffy on a rock bun …   Wiktionary

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