Noun. An insignificant or objectionable person. E.g."This blighter approaches me and asks for a cigarette; sure I say, and then he has the gall to put it in his pocket and says he'll smoke that later and then asks for another to have now." Informal

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • blighter — 1822, thing which blights, agent noun from BLIGHT (Cf. blight) (v.). British colloquial sense of contemptible person (often jocular) is recorded from 1896 …   Etymology dictionary

  • blighter — ► NOUN Brit. informal ▪ a person regarded with contempt, irritation, or pity …   English terms dictionary

  • blighter — [blīt′ər] n. 1. a person or thing that blights [Brit. Informal] 2. [Brit. Informal] a mean or contemptible fellow …   English World dictionary

  • blighter —    ‘You lucky blighter’, addressed by one man to another, and references to ‘a poor little blighter’, a child, are now becoming rare in British colloquial speech. The word ‘blighter’ appeared in British slang at the very end of the nineteenth… …   A dictionary of epithets and terms of address

  • blighter — [[t]bla͟ɪtə(r)[/t]] blighters 1) N COUNT (disapproval) You can refer to someone you do not like as a blighter. [BRIT, INFORMAL] He was a nasty little blighter. 2) N COUNT You can use blighter as an informal way of referring to someone. [BRIT]… …   English dictionary

  • blighter — UK [ˈblaɪtə(r)] / US [ˈblaɪtər] noun [countable] Word forms blighter : singular blighter plural blighters British informal old fashioned a word for someone you feel sorry for or do not approve of The poor little blighter s ill in bed. The cheeky… …   English dictionary

  • blighter — blight|er [ˈblaıtə US ər] n BrE old fashioned informal 1.) used to talk about someone that you feel sorry for or ↑jealous of ▪ Poor old blighter. ▪ You lucky blighter! 2.) a bad or unpleasant person …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • blighter — noun (C) BrE oldfashioned 1 used to talk about someone that you feel sorry for or jealous of: Poor old blighter. | You lucky blighter! 2 a bad or unpleasant person …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • blighter — /ˈblaɪtə / (say bluytuh) noun Colloquial 1. any person: * Might be some poor blighter got lost, he said and they climbed a ridge to scout around. –mary durack, 1959. 2. (dated) a despicable person; cad. {blight + er1} …  

  • blighter — noun Date: 1822 1. one that blights 2. chiefly British a. a disliked or contemptible person b. fellow, guy …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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