Noun. Diarrhoea. 1840s

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • squits — noun diarrhea Syn: runs, squirts …   Wiktionary

  • the squits — n a case of diarrhoea. Both words are ono matopoeic. No thanks, love, olive oil doesn t agree with me. Gives you the squits, does it, Grandad? (Nice Work, David Lodge, 1988) …   Contemporary slang

  • the squits — diarrhoea. → squit …   English new terms dictionary

  • Theme Hospital — Windows cover art for Theme Hospital Developer(s) Bullfrog Productions …   Wikipedia

  • runs — noun (the runs) Diarrhea/diarrhoea Syn: squits, trots, craps …   Wiktionary

  • diarrhea — noun ˈdaɪˌɔː(ɹ).iː.ə,ˈdaɪ.əˌ(ɹ)iː.ə/ a) A condition in which the sufferer has frequent and watery bowel movements. b) The watery excrement that comes from said bowel movements. Syn: runs, squirts, trots, squits, skitters …   Wiktionary

  • the squirts — n a case of diarrhoea. An alternative form of the squits …   Contemporary slang

  • squit — n British an insignificant, small and/or irritating person. The word is a variant form of the synonymous squirt and has been heard since the 1880s. ► There are 5 squits, 9 snekes, 19 cribbers, 2 maniaks, 4 swots. (Back in the Jug Agane, Geoffrey… …   Contemporary slang

  • squit — noun Brit. informal 1》 a small or insignificant person. 2》 (the squits) diarrhoea. Origin C19: perh. related to dialect squit to squirt …   English new terms dictionary

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