bugger you

bugger you
Verb. An exclamation of annoyance.

English slang and colloquialisms. 2014.

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  • bugger — 1 noun (C) spoken especially BrE 1 taboo someone who is very annoying or unpleasant: Bill s an obnoxious little bugger. 2 a rude word meaning someone that you pretend to be annoyed with, although you actually like them: What are you doing, you… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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  • bugger — n., v., & int. coarse sl. (except in sense 2 of n. and 3 of v.) Usage: Usually considered a taboo word. n. 1 a an unpleasant or awkward person or thing (the bugger won t fit). b a person of a specified kind (he s a miserable bugger; you clever… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • bugger — bug|ger1 [ bʌgər ] noun count BRITISH IMPOLITE an insulting word for someone who is stupid or annoying a. INFORMAL used for expressing sympathy about someone you like or feel sorry for: The poor little bugger s broken his leg. be a bugger BRITISH …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bugger — /ˈbʌgə / (say buguh) noun 1. (taboo) someone who practises bestiality or sodomy. 2. Colloquial (humorous) a person: come on, you old bugger. 3. Colloquial a contemptible person. 4. Colloquial a nuisance, a difficulty; something unpleasant or… …  

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